Good News Of Great Joy For All

In 100 years the world will have long forgotten my birth and probably yours too. But for 2000 years and counting the world has been remembering and celebrating the birth of this baby. For 2000 years this baby has been transforming individuals, and communities, and even societies.

The Obedience of Faith

Matthew does take care to tell us one important detail about Joseph. Namely, that he was a just, a righteous, man. What does this mean? Simply put, that he lived his life according to Scripture. He was open to God’s word and responded with a simple, prompt, and unspectacular obedience.

It’s Time to Wake Up

The Church believes, based on the Bible and the teaching of the Apostles, that one day, one hour, the risen and living Jesus Christ will come again and that he will do so in glory, to set things right. And so the Christian faith and life is about living in anticipation of this event so that all the world might see and know.