Worship for September 20 – Holy Eucharist

He even goes out again at the very end of the day. At the eleventh hour! Of course at that time of the day it’s just the riffraff that are left. The last picked, the leftovers, the ones no one else wanted to hire! Maybe they only came out in the afternoon because they were hungover all morning. Maybe they smelled like a poor work ethic and too much wine. Surely the landowner wouldn’t bother with this lot.

A Kingdom of Mercy

That’s the message of the cross. Rather than settle the score God takes the consequences of your sin, and the sin of the whole world, on himself. And that’s good news because we were up to our eyeballs in sin, drowning in debt, unable even to pay the interest. But God made a way when Jesus went to the cross.

***CANCELLED*** Outdoor Service

Unfortunately due to the rain and thunderstorm our outdoor service is cancelled this morning and rescheduled for next Sunday, September 20th at Craighurst Park.However, we invite you to join us at 10:30am this morning on Facebook or on our website as we livestream the service from the church.