An Invitation to Give Up Worry

One of the things that Jesus wants to do is help us recover a sense of the giftedness of the world and a strong and lively sense of the goodness of our heavenly Father, the creator of the world. Perhaps this is in part what Jesus means when he encourages us to come to him as little children. Jesus is inviting you to give up worrying and share in his happiness.

The Suffering Servant

In our Holy Week liturgies over these next three days, and then again on Good Friday, we will be presented with the figure of the Suffering Servant in Isaiah. “Here is my servant,” says the Lord. Who will do what? Establish justice in the earth.

Holy Manure

Whatever else the parable of the barren fig tree means it means at least this: As long as Jesus has breath in his lungs he won’t give up on us. In fact, when push comes to shove, he’ll give up the breath in his lungs on the cross in order that his body might become dung for our barren souls.