What is your name?

When Jesus comes near to you, and takes away your sin, and gives you a new identity there is no longer a need for anything but faith in him. There is nothing you can contribute but love, to come and sit at his feet and allow him to tell you who you are, not Legion but child and heir. This is what it means to be free.

Even. More. Present.

Jesus has departed and yet we know that the disciples did not experience this as a loss. How? Because the text tells us that they were full of joy at his departure. That’s strange don’t you think? It’s not what we would have expected. For the disciples the world is unchanged and now on top of that Jesus is gone. Why are they not sad? It can only be because whatever the case may be they obviously do not feel abandoned.

An Invitation to Give Up Worry

One of the things that Jesus wants to do is help us recover a sense of the giftedness of the world and a strong and lively sense of the goodness of our heavenly Father, the creator of the world. Perhaps this is in part what Jesus means when he encourages us to come to him as little children. Jesus is inviting you to give up worrying and share in his happiness.