A Hospital for Sinners

Who is Jesus to you? Is he the one who asks more than you could ever give? Or, is he the one who gives more than you could ever ask? The former turns the Christian life into a contest in which we always have to be keeping score and comparing ourselves to others. But the latter produces a harvest of gratitude, joy, and love that lasts.

Persistent Prayer

If you’re looking for a genteel spirituality that will add meaning to your life and not ask much in return well then there’s no shame in turning back now. Because the reason Jesus speaks so bluntly about the need to persist in prayer and not give up is that he knows the difficulty, the challenge, the opposition, the danger that lies ahead.

Take Care

How might our stewardship of the goods of the earth which do not belong to us but have nevertheless been entrusted to us change if we had an eye to the kingdom of God? Would it change?