A Devotional Resource For Lent

Dear friends in Christ,

Lent begins once again on Wednesday, March 2 – Ash Wednesday.

As you know, Lent is a penitential season during which we examine our hearts, minds, and souls, asking the Holy Spirit to remove all that hinders our love of God. It is a season when we pay particular attention to the suffering of our Lord, and in so doing we discover a wonderful paradox – that Jesus has transformed the way of suffering (the way of the Cross) into the way of life.

In an effort to make Lent a holy time for you we have prepared this daily devotional for use during the season. There are 47 different entries, one for each day, containing 47 different passages of Scripture and a devotional reflection from 47 different Anglicans across Canada. We offer this resource to you in humility and gratitude and pray that it helps you grow nearer to our Lord in faith this Lent.

For more information on how you can observe a Holy Lent you can CLICK HERE.

A big thank you to each of the contributors, without whom this project would not have been possible!

CLICK HERE to download our free daily devotional for Lent, Behold the Lamb.

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